Friday, February 26, 2010

Network Sabotage

So, lately, had decided to make documentaries of the unique kind—even started on a script last night. I have this little flip ultra HD, which is a cheapo video camera, but it had a great low-light compensator and was high definition. It’s always with me.

Except for this morning, when I left it at home, to run to the store for half an hour.

Get to where I am going today to get some great footage, take the camera out of the bag, and lo and behold, the lens is shattered, the metal frame bent in two places, basically turning it into a pile of junk. The camera is solid, metal frame, not plastic. It takes a lot to do that to metal.

Now, last night, I had it, was downloading the footage of the day, recharged it for the next day, and as per usual, put it safely away in its little case. There is no one else around, it’s always with me. This morning set it on the counter and went to the store. The last time I looked at it, it was in perfect condition, which was this morning. At noon today, I pull it out for some great shots, and it’s literally a pile of junk.

So, while I was at the store, someone (network assets) came into my home and began smashing it into something, most likely the counter edge in the kitchen.

So, thank you. I’m broke. It took some scraping to get that thing, and you’ve ruined it. You people are devils.

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