Friday, September 2, 2011

Gibson guitars and the death of America

It's ironic that an event like Gibson guitars - a company that still makes its guitars here in the USA, rather than using cheap Asian labor - is being targeted by the Feds and having its plants closed and its materials stolen.

Are they being charged with any crimes? No.

Are they breaking any laws? No.

When Gibson finally did find out why the government was harrassing them, they were told to close their US plants and open overseas.

See, folks. I've been informing my readers since 1998 that the destruction of America - first with the death of its industries, second with the removal of its constitutions - WAS A PLANNED AND ONGOING OPERATION. The Gibson thing proves that there NEVER will be any kind of recovery or jobs or new spring here. Except for the wealthy and those working for state or federal agencies, everyone else is getting screwed.

When the government attacks a business without filing any charges or stating anything or PROVIDING A SEARCH WARRANT, than you have before you a police state. And when, afters months of harrassment you do get an answer, you find out its because they want you to move all your manufacturing overseas to China or some such place.

The good paying jobs are gone and will never return, except for those laboring in the war industries or in the government. Even health care is on the list for destruction. It goes next and is already feeling it.

America is being taken down on every level. And, as we keep attacking countries that have never harmed Americans simply to remove them from the global playing field, than America can now proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with Adolph Hitler and smile. For that is was he did and he became. With one exception. Hitler at least kept the factories running and had free health care. In Amerika, we don't even get that.

So, as you listen to the paid liars on TV talk abour economic recovery, have yourself a good laugh. You know the truth. The truth is before your eyes, if you care to see honestly at what is happening around you.

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