Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wolves in sheep's clothing...

We live in an era where that which is in shadow, comes into the light. This is evident in the areas of

etc, etc,

The lies are visible. The truth of earth is visible. Look at all the people who are 911 and chemtrail aware, that would have never been twenty years ago, save for the few ahead of the curve who seek truth as a life modality.

In addition to an increase in general knowledge, the realities of the existence on earth - with all its varying dimensional aspects - are also become more visible. The receptors and cones in the eye, as well as certain etheric centers in the brain, heart and throat are increasingly making those dimensions nearest the physical, VISIBLE. Because of this, we see how things really are. We begin to see the design of this planet with all its wonders and, of course, horrrors.

So it's no wonder that the demonic realms and their influence upon people are also being made visible. Those souls under demonic control are again, increasingly being made visible to fast shutter, high sensitivity CCD cameras and those people who have the eyes to see such things. The divine as well as the demonic are made visible.

This accomplishes two important things.

One, it reveals that we are not just evolutionary meat sacks, walking around without spirit or souls. When the frequency expression of the inner is made manifest, then that fact reveals an inner radiant source. It also reveals the primary soul influences upon which are the life of blood of that soul. This is important to reflect upon, because much is revealed in this understanding.

This then forces the second reality upon the reflective thinker - if there is an inner reality that is becoming visible that is more than heart, tissue and bones, than what is it and why are some inner realities horrific demonic expressions whilst others are beautiful and radiant? That leads the thinker into the realms of spirit, God, evil, good, and the Meaning of Life.

Once such a soul embarks upon that line of country, there is but one road for them. To seek, understand, and know these ephemeral realities. Once understood, then the issue of choice and its effects upon the inner life are made manifest.

They see what radiates from alcoholics...
They see what radiates from liars...
They see what radiates from egotists...
They see what radiates from haters...
They see what radiates from war mongers...
They see what radiates from deviants...
and so on.

They also see what radiates from the compassionate...
They also see what radiates from the selfless...
They also see what radiates from honest souls...
They also see what radiates from lovers of truth...
They also see what radiates from those seeking the divine in all things...

It all is becoming visible. Then the inevitable results.


What do you choose, now that you see, know, and understand. Do you want to end up like these demonic videos, with hideous black creatures overshadowing your every thought, urge, and feeling?

Or rather, do you want to see radiant blue and white rays extending from your mind and heart, as is visible with some of the pictures uploaded on my sites from time to time. Do you want to be a radiant loving sun, or a slothful gross creature that lurches like slime over your body?

Which do you choose?

For choose you must. The days are fast becoming that earth can no longer hide behind the ignorance of not knowing, when so much of the truth of existence is fast coming into painful relief.

We see it family. What is barely coming into focus for the many in pics and vids, is small potatoes to us. We see all these dimensions and from birth onward. We KNOW what is and what is not.

We choose love. And truth. And honesty.

We choose the divine.

We choose God.

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