Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012 end of the world nonsense

As everyone knows, the last ten years has seen a great deal of drivel regarding 2012 - mainly coming from satanic, fear-mongering sources. Each year the noize kept ramping up to the point of absurdity.

I'm going to do what I did in 1999, when they tried to Y2K the world into the same kind of BS panic.

I'm going to tell you that it's all BS. Just as it was with Y2K. It's far from the end of the world. It's only the end of justice, freedom, kindness, compassion, and good will. The beast is assuming more and more control and his satanic minions are happily handing it over and surrending everything to make sure it gets what it wants. The only thing is that people with undeniably see, know, and understand that all the corporations, schools, and governments are in happy agreement with all things satanic. Sure they may cloak it with touchy-feely new age euphamisms, but look slightly below the surface and Lucifer is there.

True to form, many of the fear-mongers are already switching their dates to 2013. Sigh...

Will people ever learn?

I mean, last year, the Japan earthquake hit and it changed the bathymetric charts of all of the pacafic ocean. All the southern california beaches have been permanently remapped and NOT A WORD FROM ANY SOURCE OR ANYONE ABOUT IT. And that's way over here, on the far side of the Pacific ocean. Fukushima (pronounced FUCK OO SHEEMA, as it is pronounced in Japan) is still spewing out tons of radionucleides into the atmosphere and water and again, not a word, save from a few people who pay attention. Everyone else? Silence.

And events like this happen. It's mainly what the satanic network makes out of it. in 2010, they murdered the gulf of Mexico. Then lied about it. In 2011, it was Japan. Soon, you'll have tsunamis in along the western seaboard of the USA.

But the end of the world? Hardly.

2012 is about what all the other recent years have been. A continuous descent into darkness with a bathing of fear layered in at every level. Once you see it for what it is, be STRONG. Be STILL. Be CENTERED. Already, the death and doomers are changing their pitch to one of "transformation." Really?

Is that what you call surrending your soul to evil, transformation?

I'm laughing here.

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