Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trash-Cams and Spying Smart Phone Cameras

The truth is, remote tracking and survelliance of targets has been codified into every cell phone since the mid 90s. This article is a well-poisoner. A misdirect. Like it's something they are going to do. It has been well established that this spying technology on ANY cell phone has been around a long time.

Be advised.


According to the article:

“[R]esearchers from the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center have developed malicious software that can remotely seize control of the camera on an infected smartphone and employ it to spy on the phone’s user,” going on to read, “The malware, dubbed “PlaceRaider,” “allows remote hackers to reconstruct rich, three-dimensional models of the smartphone owner’s personal indoor spaces through completely opportunistic use of the camera,” the researchers said in a study published last week.”

This kind of technology is rather unnerving, especially considering how this technology, coupled with its ability to use your smart phone camera to look into your house, has the potential to “steal virtual objects [visible to the camera] … such as as financial documents [or] information on computer monitors,” the researchers reported.”

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