Friday, November 23, 2012

The hand of the network moves against the Light

Last January, the last week, all but one ad income vector had denied us sales referalls and ad revenues all the in the same 72 hours. Just before the witches sabbat of Imbolc. All but Amazon, it seemed. However, I perceived a great wrong in their apparent oversight, because when they strike a blow from so many places at once - Adsense, Reddit, Linkedin, etc - they usally like to do them all.

I perceived a deception was taking place, but said nothing.

Recently, I tested what I knew to be so: The account was really dead. Nothing has ever been earned on it, ever. I put up a link for a friend who ordered something, of which there was to be earnings from the click-through that leads to a sale. It was on my amazon page for two days, then vanished. from the link, ad, and ordering sections.

No trace, you see. This is a physical plane confirmation of what I always knew was happening and I had the proof.

Keep them down, attack them with vicious spite-filled emails, never allow them work or any means to get income. Our daily life. And we're not the only ones.

And yet I see a great beauty in this world.  Sometimes, you get a glimpse of what is best in men and women. It is rare, but it's there if you look for it.

I choose to look for it.

So, with all the attacks and strangling efforts of the satanic darksiders, I only reach closer, ever closer, to the divine.


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