Thursday, August 8, 2013

Japan says Fukushima leak worse than thought [...] Highly radioactive water from Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is pouring out at a rate of 300 tonnes a day [New York Times says 400 tons/day], officials said on Wednesday, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordered the government to step in and help in the clean-up. [...] Tatsuya Shinkawa, a director in METI’s Nuclear Accident Response Office, told reporters the government believed water had been leaking for two years [...] Shinkawa described the water as “highly” contaminated. [...]

"[T]here's different possible reasons why they are becoming more truthful now. The corporate propaganda media, as I'm sure you know, is bought and paid for. If this message is getting out, it's because someone wants the public to know. Well, why do they now want the public to know? What changed?

I personally don't think anything has changed. This is simply step two of a larger agenda.

The first step is to completely deny that there is a problem. You've already seen this.

The second step, which seems to be what we're in now, is when they slowly admit that there is a problem, in very small increments. They won't fix the problem, of course, they will simply put on a show to make people think it's under control.

The Japanese government has already stated that they'll be involving themselves with Fukushima. This seems to be part of step 2. Many on here believe that they'll soon be scapegoating TEPCO. This seems to be step 3 – the blame game. These corrupt people and corporations will destroy each other if they have to – anything to survive.

Step 4 will probably be a repeat of step 2, except with international efforts instead. The US government will say it is doing everything it can do, they will put on a great show, when in reality they're doing nothing to remedy the situation. This will be for their own protection. They don't want the public to see them as genocidal maniacs who do nothing while their…

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