Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Locked out of posting radiation readings at ENENEWS.COM

Well, it seems the powers that be have decided they don't want your humble blogger to be posting any data of radiation readings, missing and dead sea life, regarding California beaches any longer.

I have been locked out of posting at ENENEWS.com, the main Fukushima data collection site.

It seems they don't want people to know

  • That the bird die-off has been massive since 3-11-11
  • Radiation readings are off the charts these days, often ten times the legal limit as set by the EPA for pre-Fukushima. Usual rad counts are around 100 CPM and CLIMBING!
    That the ocean currents have permanently changed the sea floor and beaches in Los Angeles and Ventura counties
  • That we rarely see dolphins and elephant seals any more
For these truths and other reporting - just the facts of what we see and test, I've been banned.

Tells you who really controls that site, doesn't it.

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