Tuesday, October 10, 2017


A full color coated lithograph measuring 10"  x  21.5" on heavy stock, and ready to frame, or hang as it is.  An easy way to display the Covenant for the whole family to read from across the room.  Quiz the children every day on them.  

The photograph shows the Ten Commandments written in the primary (palaeo) Hebrew script written on a large stone found in the 1800's at Los Lunas, New Mexico, near the Rio Grande in an area known as Hidden Mountain.  The style of the letter YOD used on the stone indicates that the Israelites were in North America, and probably members of the Samaritan tribes (from northern Israel).  It could have been inscribed on this stone as early as the ninth century BCE, during the reign of King Shalomoh (Solomon), or as late as 146 BCE when the Carthaginians (Israelites) were conquered by Rome.  Many diasporas occurred, but we now know that Israel was primarily a sea empire, and they were called Phoenicians by the Greeks. The Israelites travelled the oceans of the world as they mined tin, copper, gold, and iron. 



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