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Something Wicked This Way Comes --For Real

Evil people know one another: Arab proverb

Charlie Manson is an enigma to most people; a singer/song writer, murderer, anarchist revolutionary, philosopher, occultist, Scientologist, etc. There have been quite a few books written about him, giving useful clues and attempting to put those clues together in such a way that Manson will make sense to them. However, a few writer/researchers have made it clear that you cannot understand him until you know that he was an MK Ultra mind control victim of the Illuminati, with Helter-Skelter programming.

This goes for several of those who were members of his communal family. In addition to being a member of the Scientology brainwash cult, Charles was also a member of the super-satanic Process Church of the Final Judgment.
Is there an easier way to initiate a revolution than to program people to do it for you? I don't think so. Neither does the Illuminati, hence they created the Process Church through their agents Robert Moore and Mary Anne Maclean (accomplished Scientologists). Researcher Jim Keith says of the Process " Manson's reported plan to unleash the apocalyptic 'Helter Skelter' revolution also seems to have been copped straight from Process theology, but there is a familiar ring. The 'process' of The Process is identical to that of Tavistock, the return of the blank slate, the tabula rasa, through violence."
The Tavistock Institute is a well-known MK Ultra type programming center in Great Britain. According to Dr. John Coleman, the British rock band the Beatles was put together and then brought to America by the Tavistock Institute as a step in creating a cultural revolution in the United States. The Tavistock was also responsible for inserting 'trigger words' into their 'cult lyrics' through a man named Theo Adorno.
The American equivalent to the Tavistock Institute is the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Esalen is a new agey cult center where Manson was seen just a few days before the Tate-La Bianca murders took place. Robert DeGrimston was also reported to have spoken there and Manson murder victim Abigail Folger had also been seen there. It's possible that Manson and other members of 'the family' had undergone programming there. The one thing that a lot of people have figured out over the years is that part of Manson's programming did involve Beatles' music.

John Todd knew Manson and, being an insider, was aware of the plan the Illuminati had for utilizing Manson and the Process in Operation Chaos Creation. Let's flash back to that message by John Todd, cited in part 2, in which he said the following regarding Manson:
" Now, they didn't want him out, and let me explain something, he did not go there because the jury found him guilty. They could not have sent him to prison if the Illuminati did not want him to go. He went there for a reason. And we have talked with prison officials across the United States, and people belonging to motorcycle clubs and so on, we have received the same answer. He has them united. There is a mass army within every prison from coast to coast. They have been promised weapons, military weapons. To verify this, the U.S. Army has said, and so has the Marine Corps., that in the last five years they have lost half of their small arms weapons to theft in the United States. That includes hand-held, ground-to-air, heat-seeking missiles that can take a DC-10 out of the sky at 40,000 feet...Now he has been gathering an army and outside of prison it amounts to over a hundred thousand professionally trained military people. They've been hiring ex-Green Berets, Rangers, Navy Seals to train them in is down in War, West Virginia, to give you an train them in special forces tactics. Every one of them is as trained as a Green Beret is. That is very well trained...Manson will be released either next year or the following year. They haven't decided yet. I'll say this, the one thing that will hold their plan up is if they don't get their gun laws passed. These people refuse to go out and cause havoc if somebody's going to be shooting back at 'em. So they have been promised that all the guns will be confiscated before they start their move. Now they have been promised they will get this country, what they don't know is they have been set up. They have been set up just so they will kill a certain amount of people. The figure at the present is that in the first year one million people will be butchered. I use that term because that's about how to describe what will happen. And I can leave it to your imagination and your prayer life as to whose scheduled to be killed. Next, this is just so they can get the National Guard called out. They recently passed a law that gives the President the right to suspend the Constitution and Congress, and call martial law and call out the military. Now that would seem to harsh to us right now. But what happens when millions of people are getting shot at and killed. Then they'll be calling for it to happen."

Charlie wasn't the only member of the Process who was famous for mass murder. Investigative reporter Maury Terry, who worked on the Son of Sam case for years, dropped the six-hundred and forty page bombshell titled The Ultimate Evil.  Showing that Berkowitz didn't act alone, Terry drew a coherent picture of the inner workings of the Process Church and how they were actually involved in the Son of Sam ritual killings. Albeit it, even if it was only a small glimpse of how vast and well-connected across the U.S. this one part of the Satanic underground is.  His appraisal of the Process " The Process firmly believed its divine duty was to hasten the arrival of the final days -- and bastardizing the Bible told them how to do it. This was a blueprint for murder, butchery and other crime cloaked in religious justification. "

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