Sunday, January 15, 2012

When it's a USA-fascist backed regime, nuclear power is ok.

But, when the western banking powers want to steal that country's land and resources and put in central banking systems, THEN THEY ARE NUCLEAR TERRORISTS.


  1. I don't think that the "western" banking powers dont want to steal country's land and resources from Iran.
    I think that all this is a scenario for the WW III and the coming of the NWO.
    They are all complicit.

    Ahmadinejad FM:
    from: (à partir de 2:32)

    Areva supplied Iran with enriched uranium:

    "western" banking powers:

    " Russia was never really a threat to us. Marxism was funded by the Illuminati, and espoused as a counterbalance to capitalism. The Illluminati believe strongly in balancing opposing forces, in the pull between opposites. They see history as a complex chess game, and they will fund one side, then another, while ultimately out of the chaos and division ..., they are laughing because they are ultimately beyond political parties. "

    " But the military buildup of China is part of their plan. There are members of the group who are Asian, and very opportunistic. The Oriental Mafia groups are very much linked to Illuminati activity. "


    " Germany, France, and the UK form a triumvirate that rules in the European cult. The USSR is considered important, and has the strongest military groups. The USSR has been promised fourth position in the New World Order, BEFORE the role the U.S. would have, because the USSR has been more helpful and cooperative over the years with furthering the agenda.

    The descendants of the former ruling families there are also involved in the occult leadership, along with the newer ones. There is no marxism in the cult. China will be ranked after the USSR, then the U.S.. "


    " Russia will be the military base and powerhouse of the group, since their military commanders (Illuminist) are considered the best in the world, and very, very disciplined. China, because of its roots in oriental occultism, and its large population, will also be considered a higher power than the US. "

    " China will administer the Eastern region and Russia the North. "


  2. (suite)

    So likely scenario:

    Propaganda: all the evil comes from the Zionists, United States, Israël, the West... They want to be a satanic NWO. But there is an opposition anti-Zionist and anti-NWO therefore composed of the Muslim World (leader antizionist Ahmadinejad), China and Russia.

    The result: the two "opposing" camps for WW III:
    Zionists (Israel + West) against anti-Zionists (Muslim World, China, Russia).

    They will leave to win the camp Muslim World, China, Russia. This camp will then install its own NWO that will be the real NWO intended by the Illuminati.

    I think they will use Islam to destroy Judaism and Christianity:

    The weapon in the right hand of the soldier is a scimitar and an important symbol in Arab cultures.

    Rik Clay thought that the religion of the NWO will be a fusion of Islam and Christianity.

    This promotional video from the Olympic Stadium London 2012 suggests that Islam will serve as the basis for the single world religion (from 4:21).

    Ahmadinejad, with his story of Imam Mahdi who will accompany the Messiah and found the Islamic global caliphate, he plays a very important role in all this.

    And all the threats against Iran is to become a symbol of resistance to the West, the "good" victim of the "evil".

    I think that the "Arab revolutions", the Libyan war, are not for resources, is to bring Islamists to power, found the kingdom No. 7, which will be called Caliphate, to the Mahdi in his head, and same time, raise the anger against the West.

    Forgiveness for my English ^^


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