Friday, June 28, 2013

We ALL Know You Know

Jim Stone, 6/28/13

Where are all the street cam videos? We know you have them. What's the matter, is the video "classified?" How about all the tracking of people you do with their cell phones? And what about that always on cell connection every car was forced to have at OUR expense, via Federal mandate? Don't have any records from the car with that? Would the access of a car's computer system via the cell network NOT be an unusual event you would be all over and know about instantly? How often does THAT happen?

The more you sit in silence about Hastings death, the more we know you are the enemy, working for the enemy, and that you serve ONE purpose, to subjugate and destroy the American people on behalf of a few chosen "elite". And in doing so, you prove that you are anything but "national" security, which would protect everyone, you are instead "elite" security ensuring that a small band of tyrants is able to sleep well.

You know everyone who was on the phone in the area, who hacked Hastings car, and what cell tower provided the remote control signal. You also have the video in the car which was transmitted from it's on board camera to the controller who used it to crash the car and who the controller was, as well as a recording of every control signal sent. You knew who was setting up the assassination plot before it happened and did nothing, as well as who said what afterward. And your silence about all of this proves one thing - you serve tyranny and NOTHING else.

Perhaps We the People would support you if your work actually did something to help us. But you have proven that you are no longer our National Security Agency.

You were not always a parasite, sucking the host financially while delivering a disease, no, when I was with you just a short while ago you truthfully were working to serve the national interest. What happened to you? How could you have possibly transformed into such a monster in such a short time? When I was leaving I noticed that there were changes happening I could not figure out a reason for - how they could possibly benefit the mission or the American people. Now, after over a decade has passed I have my answer - you cut straight from being a protector to being a filthy tool of tyranny that has nothing at all to do with your originally well earned title.

Come on now, PROVE ME WRONG. WE ALL KNOW YOU KNOW, step up to the plate and show us you are not only there to destroy us.

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