Monday, July 15, 2013

A form of of malware exists that could enable government agencies and others to use your own mobile devices to spy on you. The malware is called Finfisher or FinSpy, and it is actually marketed to law enforcement and intelligent agencies by a shadowy company called Gamma International.

Gamma markets Finfisher as an “IT intrusion” software; that’s a polite term for hacking. The scary thing about Finfisher is that a variant of it called FinSpy can actually take over smartphones, including both iPhones and phones running Windows Mobile. Marketing Video for Government Hacking A Gamma Group marketing video first uncovered by WikiLeaks and now dug up here on Storyleak shows an agent using a package of tools called the FinIntrusion Kit to use Wi-Fi to hack into email, social media, and other accounts. This relays all the information from the accounts, including Skype, to an operative at a police headquarters. The operative can also download all of the target’s files into a police computer. The video also indicates that Gamma Group offers training for police in these techniques. The most frightening part of the video is the FinSpy Mobile product overview. The video shows that FinSpy Mobile can be used to take over a BlackBerry smart phone and relay all of the information from it back to headquarters.

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