Saturday, January 18, 2014

. There are many young people between 15 and 19 in Fukushima who are in high school who have died suddenly. (and this will soon be the case in the western Amerika)

Yukiko Kameya, Fukushima nuclear refugee: There are 59 children with thyroid problems and there are hundreds more on the way […]
Futaba where I lived is not livable, and the government says so. I know we are never going back in my entire life. But for the Fukushima Prefecture, it still not safe. The radiation level’s still very high [...]
[Govt officials] ignore all the problems we’re having. There are many young people between 15 and 19 in Fukushima who are in high school who have died suddenly. For example, this morning I saw an online story that a 17-year-old died from Leukemia. In the morning when his mother came to wake him up, he was found dead in bed. Everyone says this was caused by the radiation levels from the nuclear accident. But our government never recognized it — and there are 59 children with thyroid cancer, they’ll never recognize it as being caused by the radiation.

Katsutaka Idogawa, Futaba’s mayor during 3/11, the town where part of Fukushima Daiichi is located: Another huge issue is those who are forced to live within the greater Fukushima areas do not have access to full health measurement, health treatment, and the kind of support they need. They’re also told that any diseases or sickness that they have is not caused by radiation.

Lying to the dead...
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  1. I have a friend that was in Seattle who has had to move back east because of the constant nosebleeds and nausea , she was out there for three month this past spring .
  2. Re-posting what mairs found today
    Mel b (former spice girl)'s daughter rushed to hospital with uncontrollable nosebleed and dizziness- L.A.
  3.   they will be sent to FEMA convalescent homes. And you will never see them again.
  4. I would respectfully suggest that you get used to "buckyballs." We could say "uranium-plutonium nanoclusters" but we also need to speak English to laypeople.
  5. They want us all dead. (what have I been saying since 1995)
  6. Follow radiation anywhere and you will find your cancers…
  7. The network lie, the people die.

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