Friday, January 10, 2014

Why did Dr Chris Busby Vigorously Substitute Natural Radon Radiation for...

We know that the entire California coast got massive Cesium 137 than anywhere else in US that is not going anywhere for 30 years . So the real question is why did Dr. Christopher Busby Claims its not Fukushima radiation but that its Natural Radon Radiation in California boggles the mind . Its the first time i have seen Radon injected into this event and now people are repeating that and its very worrying . Remember the reactors do not run on Radon or Iodine or Cesium they run on Uranium 234 , Uranium 235 that last for 4.5 billion years , and Plutonium that last for 24,000 years You can watch the bizarre switch and bait here from yesterdays Jan 8th 2014 interview

I used lots of headlines showing the difference, but he knows all of them so why did he invent radon when even a amateur knows better is a interesting question indeed , certainly not what anyone should expect, does he think Fukushima radiation is not real , it appears something else is happening , its very depressing to see .

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