Friday, December 28, 2012


The following are screen shots from the summer hit movie, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, which took in over 1 billion dollars in 6 1/2 weeks (there's that timeline again, time between each witch's sabbat.) As can be seen below, this film, which was shot and filmed in 2011, has these maps of Gotham put out in the movie. Look very closely at the bottom of the map and the name of what should be Manhattan island is now SANDY HOOK ISLAND, a definite change from previous batman movie profiles of landscape.

As anyone who knows, in early December 2012, an autistic boy allegedly went crazy and shot 27 people. Do you still believe an autistic child can operate a fully automatic gas operated field assault weapon with one shot, one kill precision in less than ten minutes?

You do?

You are then misinformed and insane. The best shooters in the world cannot perform such a feat. Ask anyone in combat or other situations if they can have a near perfect sniper kill record in ten minutes of almost 30 people all screaming and running from you. Try it with just'd be lucky to get one or two...

And an autistic boy did the shooting? What kind of a lunatic could ever believe an autistic child could do anything? They can barely tie their shoes and very often, have no idea of where they are or how anything is or ever came to be.

And, here is your proof the CIA has, as with other school shootings of the past, created yet another event for idiots to disarm this country. And of course, their shills are all saying it's drugs. Drugs or no drugs, no autistic yet alive could do what they are blaming this PATSY for.

You must understand how these things are done by the agency. They put a patsy or patsies into play, who are very often born into multi-generational families of witches (fact, see SPRINGMEIERS research as a starting place) who are then sacrificied for the OP in play. The real shooters do the shooting, the dead patsy is left to take the blame. No one questions this because the media is controlled by the CIA (read up on operation mockingbird for starters.)

You have to get your mind right. See things as they really are, rather than how you would like them to be. You have to dump your programming and start over again, only looking for the truth of things, to get a real sense of how and why this is the way it is in our time.

We live in a satanically controlled world right now and the beast wants more blood, more death, and more suffering for slake his lust. His people have been placed in every position of power from high to low with every possible angle covered. So, when his shills try to get you to think about these truths you uncover, realize that the best men and women who have brought you the truth were either killed or imprisoned and only the shills remain.

Be careful out there, or you won't see the next thing coming. Because it may come for you.

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