Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Real Unemployment Rate?

by DB

The official unemployment rate pronounced by the government these days is allegedly around 8%.

But how can this be?

We know this is the lying-as-usual game from DC because of the following:

When looking at state and county unemployment figures, these numbers vary from 24% to over 60% depending upon the county in each state. THESE stats reveal a national average nearer to 40% unemployment and an additional 18% under-employment—people working less than full time jobs for minimum wages that cannot even pay for substandard housing.

Better than 90% of all domestic industry has been farmed off-shore to foreign countries, thanks to NAFTA and government pressure for companies to close down their domestic operations and send them to countries where slave labor is a common practice.

What sustains our economy when such numbers exist? Well, a vast majority of Americans work for the government in one form or another. In fact, the number is 1 in 5. During the last Great Depression, the number was 1 in 200. The rest are business owners and those with investments, who earn from parlaying the crisis of this Greater Depression into capital gains. The balance is pension and retirement earners, as well as those receiving SSI and other disability payments. In our time, near to 60% of all people under 25 years of age are under-employed. They cannot earn enough to pay rent, much less food, transportation, etc, and are subsidized by their parents or live in dorm-like conditions (as sweat-shop laborers do overseas) with several people living in a small apartment.

The above numbers are the truth of the situation and reveal a dark reality in these times of hyper-inflationary pricing tactics as enforced by the Unfair Trade Commission on businesses that function on a retail basis. This forces low wage earners and those on fixed incomes to sacrifice their quality of life to make ends meet. Gone are the days of paid vacations, full medical and dental benefits, and other realities that were standard procedure for any worker prior to the 21st century. Now, we have nearly the standard of living of folks falling off the middle class into the 3rd world abyss.

And it is getting much worse. Much, much worse.

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