Monday, December 24, 2012

Wolves in sheep's clothing and Internet disinformation

After the Sandy Hook shooting - and all the shootings in recent years being touted by the MSM - all the internet big bugs are all about how psychotropic mind drugs were really the cause and blah blah blah...

What a load of psyop crap...

Like the chemtrail misinformation game, which blames chemtrails on weather manipulation when it really is about keeping the population sick and sickly and a prolonged and sustained attack on the immune system, the mass shooting disinfo and LIMITED HANGOUT play is to get people to NOT see these things as staged military operations - which in fact they really are - but poor kids or people (and they are always white males, btw) on medication. Nothing could be further from the truth.

These are misdirects. Get you looking at the wrong causes for inexplicable events.

Understand this: Every operation and I MEAN EVERY OPERATION, ever put into play has before any executive or lower action taken has already conceived and in play, a lower or outer shell level set of limited hangouts and fictions ready to go by assets of the agencies so involved in said stage action. It's about controlling the thinking of the event, once it is set into motion. Every single play action since World War I has this as its operational foundation and is the backbone of any operation ever to take place. Control the event and BE DAMN SURE YOU CONTROL THE PERCEPTION OF THE EVENT.

To have this kind of control, you need to make sure your field assets – these would be men and women in the so-called truth movement who are given energy, covert support, and radio time – the same script with the same outcomes and perceptions, just slightly skewed to the dialect and spin of their local country and setting as to believable and acceptable to their stupid band of followers who cannot and will not think critically about such things and basically need to be told what to think.

This works because the majority are still just as programmable as the rest of the masses watching MSM TV. They do not employ critical thinking and want to be given their perceptions without obtaining them for themselves. The herd then is the herd now. And always. The intel communities know this and in fact, count on it.

And, right on cue, after each staged mass murder (to destroy the 2nd amendment of the constitution) here come the network shills ALL SINGING THE SAME DAMN SONG.

Purpose of chemtrails: weather manipulation. Truth: population control and sickness.

Mass shootings: prescription drugs. Truth. Patsies shot and left for dead on site by the real shooters, often employed with patsies who have been heavily brainwashed.

And so on.

Always the same shill outlets and players, all singing from the same page of the same script.

Do your own thinking. Look at ALL THE FACTS. COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS. See the truth of things, rather than be told the truth by others.

Even me.


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