Friday, April 5, 2013

Big Brother Telescreens everywhere you go these days.

Subliminals do this to the mind...usually while you are eating or waiting somewhere.

Wherever anyone goes, especially in the western world, there they are: Big flat screens on every wall positioned at every conceivable angle so you cannot turn away without facing yet another. The sound is turned up loud, so that you have to raise your voice to have a conversation. The result of this is, an annoying digital person at your table who won't shut up. It's the reason sensitive people have an urge to walk out and feel they are being invaded that the rest of the programmed clods don't perceive or feel.

But it's also something...deeper...uglier.

It's about keeping the herd's programming in constant ON mode. That way, even if you avoid TV, radio, and all that silliness, they got you when you go out into the world.

Every dentist/doctor office I've been to in the last 10 years has them and of course, they are extremely loud. When you ask if they could be turned down (or off, if you are the only person in the place; they say NO - this has happened to me dozens of times) you get the sneer and a visit from someone in charge who eyes you with suspicion.

You see, all MSM media has sub-vocal subliminal tracks buried in every song, TV show, news story, sports broadcast. This is centrally controlled.

And there are two types of brain-washing protocols. The usual, ala

Obey the government,
Trust your teachers,
question God's existence,
You are useless - hate yourself,
Satan is your God, etc

And then the weekly/monthly imbeds that are keyed to whatever social or political meme they want the herd to be programmed with. You saw the video of several dozen newscasts from monday of April this year which revealed and proved that all broadcasts are pre-arranged scripts from a single source.

So are the subliminal tracks, updated twice-weekly. Sometimes daily...

They leave nothing to chance...

So, avoid those establishments that have those many big screen programming tools. Give your business to those companies that DO NOT have that junk on each and every wall...sometimes, like Denny's, they are separated by only a few feet, there being upwards of 25 in every prison food sledge hall. Boycott those agency whores.

Your mind and your life and soul, will be very grateful you did.

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