Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bitcoin begins its vanishing act

Based on the same exact principles of the online video game MINECRAFT, bitcoin is exactly similar except you can mine and make it real money. It so it seemed. Because the premise of bitcoin was that it was a server based op - just like minecraft. No server, no bitcoin.

Mtgox, the main bitscam server, is run by one Japanese guy in Japan. So forget any SEC or FDIC or any kind of protection. And with other servers in China, you get the idea...

And with that understanding in mind, today, one of the main servers of bitcoin BITSERVE, has shut down. No more bitcoin.

Like an online game, once the server is turned off, so is the game.

And so is bitcoin.

Bitcoin crashed from $260.00 a share to...


And it is slowly dying. Get out while you can, if you can that is. Before you end up with a bunch of useless online stock certs that mean nothing.

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