Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Make doctors take flu shots every season. Most won't. Force them, as they force them on children.

The current swine flu hysteria has compelled the State of New York to enforce mandatory vaccines on all health care workers. These new rules mandate both the seasonal flu and H1N1 (swine flu) vaccines. Other states are considering following suit, along with select institutions throughout the U.S..

A huge portion of the effected people have spoken out about their opposition to such rules, and many of them intend to refuse the vaccines; even at the expense of their employment. The Centers For Disease Control surveyed over a thousand health care professionals, finding that most of them did not take the seasonal flu shot. According to the Associated Press:

"The reasons vary from safety concerns to skepticism over vaccine effectiveness."

Whoa! Did I read that correctly? Did the vaulted Centers For Disease Control really find that most doctors consider vaccines to be either unsafe or ineffective (or both)? Just stop and ponder that for a moment, while the chilling implications sink in.

We can only wonder how many of the health professionals personally avoid the flu shots, in order to protect themselves, and yet hypocritically provide them to others in the name of health? While this legislation is certainly despicable, it is difficult to have much pity for these people who have remained silent, or who have intentionally misinformed the people who placed so much trust into them, at the great detriment of these victims. How many have lied about vaccine safety and effectiveness to their patients, only to not take the shots themselves, while most likely warning their own families? The sheer irony is incredible, or perhaps a more accurate word is 'evil'. Now it is the health care professionals (not infants) who are being forced to take vaccines against their will. Who is next? What happens when your sheriff's department arrives at your house to enforce "public safety"?

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