Thursday, December 26, 2013

Getting zapped by radioactivity
I have now become convinced that the Corium blobs have reached the saline lens under the plant and is self generating buckyballs which are being carried into the atmosphere in rising steam and into the Pacific as subsurface run off. This lethal process will never stop.

Fukushima buckyball radionuclide moves at great speeds, and is very light and mobile. It is responsible for rapid onset cancers and leukemia which take only months to develop. This is something new to medical science, speed cancer.

The 311 explosions threw hot fuel into the Pacific and then salt water was pumped onto the fuel, now the corium has sunken into the saline layer of water under the plant. An endless subsurface ocean as well as airborne plumes containing Fukushima buckyballs are now being generated as fuel contacts sodium. The ocean and ground around the plant is literally steaming out buckyballs by the minute.

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