Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sea star die-off worse than thought; Now over entire West Coast; Going from one species to others — Gov’t tests ‘rule out’ Fukushima — Coincidence they’re all melting at once, or something fishy is going on in these waters

KING5 News intro: Biologists studying a die-off of sea stars say it is worse than thought. The problem has spread to the entire length of the West Coast and when it strikes it kills nearly every sea star in the area.

Gary Chittim, investigative journalist: [...] It just kept on spreading, from California to Alaska, and now it’s spreading from one sea star species to others. [...]

KING5 News: One theory floating around out there is nuclear contamination from Japan’s leaking Fukushima plant that was causing the problem, but scientists say that samples show that there is no presence of radioactivity.

KING5 News, Dec. 2, 2013: A respected sea star expert released a report showing a deadly disorder has spread to more species. Neil McDaniel put together a overview of the so-called wasting syndrome which found it has spread [...] up and down the entire West Coast, from California to Alaska. [...] They are ruling out some theories like radiation from Japan’s leaking Fukushima nuclear power plant. The Washington State Health Department and other agencies have tested coastal fish and found no elevated radiation levels.

The Daily Free Press (Boston University), Dec. 2, 2013: Although there aren’t any clear causes of this mysterious die-off of these majestic organisms, no possibilities have been ruled out. Ocean acidification, climate change and even radiation exposure from Fukushima have been considered. [...] It’s been noted to marine biologists that over time, some sea stars become too bruised, dry and damaged and they undergo something called “wasting syndrome.” I can assure you that this melting phenomenon is beyond wasting syndrome. Marine biologists and scuba divers noted that sea star limbs and oral discs were spread all over the place in some areas — a truly worrying scene. Either it’s a mere coincidence that every sea star along the coasts are all dying at the same time from damage overtime or something fishy is going on in these waters


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