Saturday, April 12, 2014

Friday Night News Dump: FAA Establishes a No Fly Zone Over the Bundy Ranch Area

Looks like they are setting up the kill. 
  • So far in the last few days, the Bundy ranch and surrounding areas have had barriers placed stopping people from driving through and visiting the area.
  • The cell phone towers were turned off.
  • A no-fly zone (except for government surveillance birds and attack helicopters)
  • Ground attack snipers have been spotted moving into the area and photographed
  • Journalists have now been banned in the area.
  • Drones are being used for targeting and surveillance.
  • hundred year old water tanks and wells have been destroyed, making ALL life in that section of the desert threatened with extinction - bambi cannot get water any more. And neither can people or cattle or anything. All for a tortoise.
This is what you do when you want to commit a crime, but don't want witnesses. Closing out the world, setting the trap. 

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