Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fukushima radiation moves through the jet stream

This video records ambient readings on a commercial flight from California to Hawai`i on July 21, 2013. A 10-minute baseline reading of gamma radiation was taken on the plane, while parked at the gate in California. First in-flight test shown is 20 min into the flight, and the second in-flight test was made 3-1/2 hours into the flight at 35000 feet. All tests were recorded on an Inspector EXP Handheld Digital Radiation Alert Detector, calibrated to +-15% Cs137, ANSI-Z-540.

Baseline Results:
0.062 milli-Roentgens per hour
28.6 average clicks per minute

Test One Results:
0.247-0.321 milli-Roentgens per hour
1001 average clicks per minute

Test Two Results:
0.269-0.314 milli-Roentgens per hour
915-1350 clicks per minute

Hundreds of Alaska Airlines flight attendants have filed a formal complaint about uniforms they suspect might be causing their skin to rash and develop lesions, and their hair to fall out. But based on the timing of the symptoms and their relation to similar symptoms in local marine life and polar bear populations, it appears as though radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster may also be a potential culprit.

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