Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Martial Law Dry Runs to field test plans and procedures and tighten up holes in the real deal

  • Boston Bombing: cover story and pretext for a large scale, Large City, dry run of Martial Law with armed tactical swat teams going door to door. Next time it will be Red List, guns and gun owners, and anyone their computers deem a potential threat to the system. in short, non-network stooges and free jacks.
  • National Forest closures a few months later. The total eviction of 4 millions of PAYING park visitors for a month, including residents, et al -at the point of a gun and quite vicious and belligerently.
  • Now they review what went right, what went wrong, and redo their procedural outlines.
For when the real thing comes to one and all; at first, a specific region, then the whole country. All based on a fictional threat they have already planned and created - especially the patsies.

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