Sunday, August 17, 2014

No Smoking or ELSE!

“Our Fuhrer Adolf Hitler drinks no alcohol and does not smoke ... His performance at work is incredible."  In 1932, the Germans were democratically electing a politician whose progressive platform included promises to implement an aggressive anti-tobacco program – including strict regulations limiting the consumption of cigarettes and the banning of smoking in or near public buildings and buses.  Since they were voting for a man who promised to pass laws to force them to be healthy and hard working (just like the Übermensch), the Germans naturally expected him to lead by example.  The mob expects the Übermensch to lead by example.  Hitler was a teetotaler, a strict vegetarian, a fitness enthusiast, a radical environmentalist and outdoorsman (though he did not hunt or fish). 
 “The age we are about to enter will in truth be the Era of Mob.” 
– Gustave Le Bon, The Crowd (1895) 

In 2002, exactly seventy years after the election of Adolph Hitler, the real Michael and Gloria Stivic (Archie Bunker’s Baby Boomer children) democratically elected a humorless politician whose progressive platform included promises to implement an aggressive anti-tobacco program.  It’s not a coincidence that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-tobacco campaign was pioneered by Hitler’s National Socialists.  They enact the exact same laws because they adhere to the exact same theology.  "All political questions are at bottom theological.”  Nanny Bloomberg says, “I will pass laws to force you to be healthy and hard working, just like the Übermensch. It is my business to make you the perfect socialist slave.”  In their collective mind, today’s New Yorkers overwhelmingly agree.   

In 2008, Michael Bloomberg gave a speech to the UN.
"Terrorists kill people.  Weapons of mass destruction have the potential to kill an enormous amount of people ... like smoking ... these are preventable killers ... terrorists kill people ... but global warming in the long term has the potential to kill everybody ... global warming is a much longer-term thing, it has all of the same potentials of destroying the planet that we live on."
One cannot imagine how bizarre these words sound to a person who has not surrendered their conscious to the collective mind.  This speech was given after 911 to residents of a city that suffered heavy casualties from that abominable act of war.  Try to imagine (if you can) FDR giving a speech after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and try to imagine the President explaining (in very matter-of-fact tones) that the Japanese Imperial Navy, like smoking cigarettes, is a “preventable” killer and, therefore, not worthy of America’s consideration.  Now try to imagine that FDR goes on to say that weather phenomena kills more people than the Empire of Japan.  He then goes on to explain his plan to keep the weather from changing – a penalty tax on carbon, to be paid by carbon-based life-forms in the United States.  The money from the indulgence tax will be laundered through the Chicago Climate Exchange and, after the Wall Street investment bank of Goldman Sachs has taken their share of it, will be sent to Japan to help them build “cleaner” war factories. 
You have just walked into the 1956 film, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (or the 1960 movie “Village of the Damned”), except the body snatchers don’t point at you and make a high-pitched warbling noise when they realize you don’t share the collective mind.  Instead, they call you a “weather change denier,” a “holocaust denier,” an “anti-Semite,” a “bigot,” and a “racist.”  All of which, apparently, describe the same person. 
Although the collective mind has no memory of it, only two years before the Son of Sam murders, the Church of Settled Science was preaching Global Cooling. 
“… when meteorologists take an average of temperatures around the globe they find that the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades.  The trend shows no indication of reversing … University of Wisconsin's Reid A. Bryson and other climatologists suggest that dust and other particles released into the atmosphere as a result of farming and fuel burning may be blocking more and more sunlight from reaching and heating the surface of the earth.” 
– TIME Magazine, Another Ice Age? -- Jun. 24, 1974 

On April 28, 1996, a psychopathic Australian Death Dealer named Martin Bryant, armed with an unregistered rifle, shot 56 people, killing 35 of them, in the tourist town of Port Arthur, Tasmania.  Like releasing the catch of a spring, this heinous act freed pent-up psychic energy that fundamentally changed the culture of the Island Continent. The Australian government swiftly enacted draconian gun control measures – ensuring that, if another psychopath ever got his hands on another illegal weapon, ordinary citizens would be even less able to protect themselves.  Two years later, in 1998, Sir Ronald Darling Wilson, President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, established Australia’s National Sorry Day to promote himself and celebrate the fact that, with the help of Mick Dodson, he was able to write a dubious paper about the “Stolen Generation” of Aborigines, called Bringing Them Home.  One year later, in January 1999, the busybody government in South Australia prohibited smoking in all indoor dining areas.  Twelve years later criminal charges were filed by the Australian Human Rights Commission against an Australian newspaper columnist, Andrew Bolt, for Hate Speech.  (He truthfully commented that an artist by the name of Bindi Cole, who has an English-Jewish mother and a father with a small amount of Aboriginal blood, “could in truth join any one of several ethnic groups, but chose Aboriginal, insisting on a racial identity you could not guess from her features.  She also chose, incidentally, the one identity open to her that has political and career clout.”) 
Had you visited Australia in 1986, ten years before the Port Arthur terrorism, and then again in 2006, ten years after the Port Arthur terrorism, you would not have recognized it as the same country.  The Aussie you would have met smoking and drinking beer in a sweltering outback pub in 1986 would have reminded you of the character in the box office hit, Crocodile Dundee.  Like the real Archie Bunker, he was irreverent, humorous and outspoken. Two decades later, he was gone.  And the amazing thing is the collective mind of the humorless Borg that now controls that country either has no memory of things ever being different, or else holds a vague idea of a brutal past that they must continually apologize for.  
In 1995, only three years after the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia was created to promote the global warming scam.  It was staffed by thirty carefully selected cultic zealots – or so they thought. This group was apparently infiltrated; perhaps as early as 2007.  Over a six to nine month period, this spy accessed a server used by the CRU and copied 160 MB of data containing more than 1,000 e-mails, 3,000 documents, and even selections of commented source code from their computer models.  This spy was technically competent.  He/she carefully reviewed all relevant data between 1996 and 2009 before selecting, categorized and organizing it so the casual observer could quickly understand the extent to which the computer models behind the global warming conspiracy were utterly fraudulent.

Go against the Mob mentality, instilled by Satanic Psychopaths: Be an individual

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