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THe Death Dealers: Satanic hit squads

Process Church of the Final Judgment – Chapter One

The Queen of the Damned
Ixchel’s worshippers gathered at the United Nation's Framework Convention on Climate Change in Cancun to pray to the Mayan moon goddess on the forty-fourth anniversary of the founding of the Process Church of the Final Judgment on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.  Chris Huhne, The UK's energy and environment secretary, was especially excited to finally arrive – he had been delayed in London because, for the second year in a row, England was experiencing some of the worst winter weather in over a century.  It didn’t matter to Chris Huhne and other members of the Church of Settled Science that, almost eleven years earlier, in March of 2000, Dr. David Viner (a senior research scientist at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia), falsely prophesied, British "snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.”  And within a few years snowfall in England will become "a very rare and exciting event" because "children aren't going to know what snow is.”  It didn’t matter electronic documents would later show that same CRU to be perpetrating the largest scientific fraud in history.  The gathering of Ixchel’s worshippers in Cancun had nothing to do with real science, and everyone at the event knew it.  Climate changes every day.  A tax on carbon changes nothing. 
The worshippers were led in a prayer to the goddess Ixchel by the Convention's Executive Secretary, Christiana Figueres;
"May she inspire you – because today, you are gathered in Cancun to weave together the elements of a solid response to climate change, using both reason and creativity as your tools … Excellencies, the goddess Ixchel would probably tell you that a tapestry is the result of the skilful interlacing of many threads.  I am convinced that twenty years from now, we will admire the policy tapestry that you have woven together and think back fondly to Cancun and the inspiration of Ixchel."
The opening prayer to a pagan goddess set the tone for representatives from one hundred and ninety-three countries.  The allusion to weaving a “tapestry … of many threads” derives from the belief that this particular goddess taught humanity the art of weaving.  Mesoamerica’s depiction of Ixchel's snake headdress and talons are curiously reminiscent of a Sumerian moon goddess more than four thousand years earlier. 
Her most recent role in our world began on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula in 1966. 
The Birth of the Process
At the end of 1963 in London, England, two ranking members of the Church of Scientology split from the parent organization after expressing philosophical differences with the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.  Robert Moore and Mary Anne MacLean met while receiving advanced training at the Hubbard Institute of Scientology on London’s Fitzroy Street.  They were being trained to administer a variation of Sigmund Freud’s approach to psychotherapy, where hypnotherapy is used to “cure” Scientology patients of their psychosis by forcing them to relive the trauma that supposedly caused the psychosis.  Scientologists believe in reincarnation, and Scientology “auditors” often find it necessary to make the patient relive a past life to locate the supposed source of the psychological trauma.  Robert Moore was conducting one of these sessions on Mary Anne MacLean when a spiritual entity began speaking through her, and instructing him in ancient mysteries.  Divorcing Hubbard, they married one another and founded a competing “Compulsion Analysis” operation – a center for research into, and the elimination of, compulsive behavior. 
What distinguished Robert and Mary Anne’s theories and practices from those of Hubbard was their belief in the existence of Free Will, and the adoption of the Hindu idea that the patient was consciously (or unconsciously) choosing their fate by passing karma through each successive life.  Birth defects, etc. were the result of choices made in the person’s previous life.  Another distinction was an adherence to occult practices per instructions from the spiritual entity that Mary Anne was now channeling.  They adopted the cult name “DeGrimston” and began worshipping two gods – Jehovah and Lucifer. 
In March 1966, the DeGrimstons, flush with money from the “Compulsion Analysis” business, leased a mansion on Balfour Place in London’s fashionable Mayfair section.  They brought twenty-five followers into the house with them.  The DeGrimstons and their followers each obtained a large pure-bred Alsatian – a breed of German shepherd.  The purpose of keeping the German shepherds would not be understood until Maury Terry began researching New York’s “Son of Sam” murders some thirteen years later – the dogs were being raised to serve as brutal blood sacrifices to ancient gods during the cult’s black masses.    
Speaking through Mary Anne MacLean DeGrimston (a.k.a., “the Oracle”) in June of 1966, the spiritual entity told Robert Moore DeGrimston to pack up and go to the Caribbean where they would experience a religious vision giving them detailed instructions on a special mission.  The DeGrimstons and twenty disciples embarked for Nassau in the Bahamas where they spent six weeks securing a lease on a large tract of beach-front property on the Yucatan Peninsula in Xtul, Mexico.  After learning of the mission, their Mexican Real Estate Agent introduced them to a local brujo or nagual – a shape-shifting sorcerer who offered to help the seers in their quest.  The brujo was supposedly capable of acting as a human bridge to an alternate reality by using magic rituals involving psychoactive mushrooms, peyote and jimson weed.  The Real Estate Agent told the group that the brujo possessed Mesoamerican knowledge, passed down through twenty-five generations of Toltec shamans, for enhancing one's awareness of the Earth’s energies, ancient gods and animal spirits.   
Upon arriving in Xtul on the first day of their quest, the brujo told the group the first step on their path would involve learning techniques for achieving and manipulating lucid dreams.  He also told them this area of the Yucatan Peninsula had been dedicated by his ancestors to a fierce moon goddess named Ixchel.  The Indians had sacrificed many, many children to Ixchel on a sacred spot he pointed out near the beach. It was most likely She who had called them from London.     
The DeGrimston’s party of twenty-two worshippers sacrificed their first dog in a satanic black mass under the clear light of a bright full moon marking the year’s tenth lunar cycle and the autumnal equinox.  They hung the whimpering animal by its hind legs inside a makeshift majick circle near the beach; then slit its throat, drank its blood, and ate its flesh.  The haggard and hungry group spent the next twenty-eight days in crude abodes along the shore conducting nightly satanic rituals which eventually resulted in the sacrifice of the remaining dogs.  Their efforts were futile.  There were no visions or revelations – even under the influence of the brujo’s magic mushrooms.  After sacrificing their last dog under a full moon at the end the eleventh lunar cycle, a woman walked naked out of the ocean and stood dripping wet inside their majick circle.  “A drug-crazed hippie or lost tourist,” was the group’s first thought.  She was a beautiful, voluptuous, tall, statuesque, and powerfully built redhead.  She appeared human except for the large, silver eyes reflecting the full moon above her and the torches around her.  Without speaking a word, the naked swimmer stepped out of their majick circle and walked inland – disappearing into the dark horizon.    
With this “vision” the Process Church of the Final Judgment was born. 
Like something out of Shakespeare’s Tempest, Ixchel’s emergence from the Gulf of Mexico hailed the coming of Hurricane Inez, which skirted the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and forced the group to take refuge in an abandoned salt factory for three days and three nights.  Ixchel herself appeared to various members of the group over the next sixteen nights.  Sometimes the erratic apparition spoke to the individual having the vision.  Sometimes she spoke through a talking serpent entwined around a sculptured thigh or coiled like a crown upon her head.  Sometimes she simply stood silently holding a large white owl (which, like the moon goddess, had pale, grey-turquoise eyes) in her left hand.  Sometimes the visiting apparition was the huge bird or a bird/human hybrid, with broad wings and vicious talons, emitting unintelligible sounds ranging from mouse-like squeaks to high-pitched screams. 
In disclosures piecemealed over the next two weeks, Ixchel revealed she was the twin sister, consort and lover of Lucifer (one of the cult’s principal gods).  She was the Queen of the Damned, and the mortal enemy of the Queen of Heaven.  To the cult’s two gods, Lucifer and Jehovah, she added a third, her lord and master, Satan.  Ixchel explained that another of her human servants, master black magician and leader of the English branch of the Ordo Templis Orientis (OTO), Aleister Crowley (who died in 1947), had also written of the unification of God and Satan. 
Crowley immigrated to the United States in 1916 and later established an OTO lodge in Pasadena, California during World War II. OTO temples subsequently sprouted in New York and Houston.  But by 1966, Crowley’s efforts had dwindled to a small number of occult shops, bookstores and newsletters supporting a passing interest in recreational magic.  Ixchel explained the mission of the Process Church of the Final Judgment was one of revival.  They would begin in England, where Aleister Crowley had started, and then reenergize Crowley’s fading occult organization in the United States.  They would use the foundation that Crowley had established as a basis for launching her new age religion upon the world.    
Ixchel made her final appearance to her followers during the new moon of the twelfth lunar cycle, on a moonless night lit only by the torches flanking her altar on the beach. The image made a lasting impression on the cult.  Shadows from the firelight accentuated the impossibly curvaceous form of the nude specter.  In the absence of moonlight, Ixchel’s eyes did not shine, but rather appeared to be a beautiful shade of dark blue.  Her final appearance was staged to mock the Ascension of the Christ described in the New Testament except, after bidding her disciples farewell, she turned and walked into the sea – disappearing beneath the waves rather than above the clouds.  (Some later versions of the story claim she was taken by an undersea UFO.)    
That was the last appearance of Ixchel in Mexico.  Two weeks later, at the full moon of the twelfth lunar cycle, Ixchel’s huge bird and bird/human avatar (the “mothman”) appeared in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  For thirteen months (November of 1966 to December of 1967), homes throughout Point Pleasant and surrounding towns were haunted by the winged apparition and plagued with paranormal activities including poltergeist, unearthly noises, and ghostly manifestations.  Automobiles, telephones, televisions and appliances sometimes ran amok.  Domestic animals were found slaughtered, mutilated and drained of their blood in pastoral farm fields.  As in Mexico, UFO and alien lights became plentiful – so abundant in West Virginia during this time that tourists began gathering at regular viewing spots. 
Ixchel’s huge (two-feet tall and a five-foot wingspan) arctic snow owl, seen by the cultists in Xtul, Mexico, also appeared to the West Virginians – only to be shot dead by an unimpressed and irreverent farmer at nearby Gallipolis Ferry, Ohio in July of 1967.  (The happy hillbilly posed with his trophy for the local newspaper before having the goddess’s sacred familiar stuffed and mounted.) 
Many of the apparitions’ communications consisted of dire warnings and predictions. 
One particular catastrophe predicted by the apparition would occur "when President Johnson turned on the Christmas lights at the White House.”  That very night the bridge linking Point Pleasant to Ohio collapsed.  At around 5:00 in the evening on December 15, 1967, the 700-foot bridge suddenly collapsed while filled with rush-hour traffic. The collapse of the bridge made headlines around the world.  Dozens of vehicles plunged into the dark waters of the Ohio River and forty-six people were killed.  As the apparitions predicted, two of the forty six bodies were never found.  The other forty-four were buried in the town cemetery of Gallipolis, Ohio, where the mothman had made his first appearance to grave diggers thirteen months earlier.  The mothman stopped visiting Point Pleasant after the catastrophe, and the unexplained paranormal activities subsequently ended.
The West Virginians erected a statue to commemorate the mothman apparition.
The British Revolution
After their forty-four day experience in Mexico (which they compared to Christ’s forty day trial in the desert) – while the mothman was troubling West Virginia – the twenty-two members of the Process Church of the Final Judgment returned to England full of missionary zeal.  The group opened a bookstore and a coffee house and began publishing a magazine called the Process. Gone was interest in curing people of compulsive behavior using e-meters, hypnosis and “auditing” techniques (although many members of the Process Church remained with the Church of Scientology).  The core of the cult was now enamored by bloodshed and war, and its magazine reflected this obsession.  Hitler was considered a noble gentleman worthy of admiration and worship.  In late 1967, Robert DeGrimston published the books, As It Is, Jehovah on War, and Satan on War which spelled out the Process’s philosophy: 
“Christ said: Love thine enemy.  Christ’s enemy was Satan and Satan’s enemy was Christ.  Through love, enmity is destroyed. Through love, saint and sinner destroy the enmity between them.  Through love, Christ and Satan have destroyed their enmity and come together for the End.  Christ to judge, Satan to execute judgment.”
The key to this treatise is contained in the sentence which says that Christ and Satan have joined forces to bring about the end of the world.  Christ, according the Process Church of the Final Judgment, was employing Satan as a hit man.  So worshipping Satan was akin to worshipping Christ.  And killing in the name of Satan was actually a good thing – part of our divine mission. 
Members of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, or the family (as they referred to themselves) consider these to be joyous times.  The End is coming, and they, as the Chosen People, are going benefit in a great way from the event.  The sooner they bring about the collapse of Western Civilization, the sooner they bring about the anarchy of the coming Dark Age, the sooner they eradicate God’s “corrupt creation” that is a “blight upon the landscape” of Mother Earth, the better it will be for chosen people. 
“Release the fiend that lies dormant within you, for he is strong and ruthless and his power is far beyond the bounds of human frailty.”
“My prophecy upon this wasted earth and upon the corrupt creation that squats upon its ruined surface is: THOU SHALT KILL.”
Note that Robert Moore DeGrimston’s writings have been extremely influential.  Less than twenty years after publishing his books, DeGrimston was being quoted (though not accredited) by promoters of the New Age Environmentalist movement:
“The world has a cancer, and that cancer is man.”
— Alan Gregg, former longtime official of the Rockerfeller Foundation
“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”
— Maurice Strong, leader and organizer of the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro
Processans are arranged into three orders – each serving one of the three gods.  The Jehovahns are the sect’s Puritans; straitlaced and uncompromising.  The Luciferians are the sect’s whores; advocating sensuality, tranquility and the use of narcotics.  The Satanists are the sect’s soldiers; committed to violence and mayhem. 
The Luciferians distinguished themselves from the Jehovans and the Satanists by claiming to be hedonistic “neopagans.”  In 1967, the Luciferian Order absorbed the remnants of the New Forest coven (founded in 1939).  The New Forest coven originally referred to itself as a "witch cult," but after being absorbed by the Process Church adherents began to refer to their sub-order as "the Wicca” (an Old English word for witch), to distinguish themselves from other Luciferians.  Wiccans worshipped the moon goddess, Diana, as an equal and opposite counterpart to the sun god, Lucifer, while the original Luciferians only worshipped Lucifer, or Beelzebub, as Satan’s chief lieutenant.  In 1969, the Luciferian Order formally split into two groups: the original Luciferians and the newly formed Wiccans.  Wicca flourished under the broad theological umbrella of the Process Church.  It eventually became the dominant form of Luciferianism within the order and prospered with the money and international connections provided by the Process Church.      
 In 1969, the Luciferian Order formally split into two groups: the original Luciferians and the newly formed Wiccans.  Wicca flourished under the broad theological umbrella of the Process Church.  It eventually became the dominant form of Luciferianism within the order and prospered with the money and international connections provided by the Process Church.      
There are six levels of membership in the Processan Family.  The lowest rank is the Acolyte, followed by the Initiate, the Messenger (the rank at which the recruit acquires a tattoo and a cult name), the Prophet, the Priest and (finally) the Master.  At its birth, there were only twenty-two members (eleven women and eleven men) of the Process Church who had achieved the rank of “Master” – those who had made the pilgrimage to the Yucatan. 
Within the larger “family” of the Process Church, and at the cutting edge of the movement, are smaller “families” of Satanists called “Chingons.”  To join a Chingon family the Processan must enter a long period of satanic worship which reportedly includes blood rituals and sacrifice.  Chingons formally convene twice each month (under a new moon and a full moon) under the supervision of a “Grand Chingon” to summon the ancient pagan god who sponsors their particular family.  The pagan god speaks to the group through one of the gathered cult members, who serve as a medium at the black mass.  (Ed Sanders stated the Manson’s “family” referred to Charlie as the “Grand Chingon” on several occasions.  The “Grand Chingon” of the bloodthirsty Santa Cruz “Four P” (or “Four Pi”) family – alleged to be a prosperous L.A. businessman or doctor – remains at large to this day.)     
Processans are fond of the color black, and in the 1960s they wore their color proudly.  Some wore black capes with the Mendez goat of Satan stitched on the back. 
Others wore black robes, black suits or simply black turtlenecks, and adorned their necks with silver crosses, silver Mendez goat pins, or silver swastikas.  Some wore a silver, coiled-snake ring on their finger, to commemorate Ixchel’s attendant speaking serpent.    
Anita Pallenberg and Sharon Tate
The Process Church of the Final Judgment expanded rapidly in London throughout 1967, absorbing Crowley’s old OTO organization while recruiting a number of important and well-connected people.  Among their most significant enlistments that year was Anita Pallenberg. Born on 25 January 1944 in German-occupied Rome to an Italian artist and a German secretary, Anita became fluent in four languages at an early age, studied medicine and graphic design, and worked as a model and actress.  Although today she resembles the old crone that tried to eat Hansel and Gretel, in 1967 she was a golden-haired witch and seductive temptress best known for her involvement with Brian Jones, the guitarist who founded The Rolling Stones.  She was already dabbling in the occult when she met Jones during a modeling assignment in Munich in 1965.  She joined the Process Church in 1967, before going on holiday in Morocco.  While vacationing in Morocco, she left Jones for the band’s drummer, Keith Richards.  (Brian Jones would later die of a drug overdose.) Anita remained an obsession for Richards even after the two split up in 1980.  He later admitted he was still seeing her after he married Patti Hansen.
With a natural aptitude for the black arts, the intelligent and ambitious Pallenberg allegedly progressed rapidly through the ranks of the Process Church organization, rising to the rank of Priestess in less than two years.  In his 1980 book, Up & Down with the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards’s bodyguard (Tony Sanchez) mentioned Pallenberg’s power as a witch: “
According to Maury Terry, her instruction in witchcraft started in late 1965 while filming the movie, Eye of the Devil, when she was introduced to the Alex and Maxine Sanders.  Alex Sanders, who studied under master black magician Aleister Crowley, was connected to the OTO and other cult activity in Britain.  The British warlock initiated Sharon Tate into witchcraft and took photos of the actress standing inside a magick circle.  She had aspirations of one day becoming a high priestess in the organization.
It is believed Sharon Tate later convinced noted film director Roman Polanski to join the Process Church.  Not being particularly religious, Polanski agreed.  The philandering Polanksi allegedly enjoyed the satanic orgies as well as the access the Process Church provided to drugs and underage girls.   
As part of the new, underground “in-crowd,” Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards attended the January 20, 1968 wedding of Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate in Chelsea, London.  In the previous year, Anita had acted in two soft pornographic comedies: Barbarella (as The Great Tyrant, Black Queen of Sogo), which starred actress Jane Fonda in the title role, and Candy, starring Miss Teen Sweden, Ewa Aulin.   
All of these people were vacuumed up by the Process Church juggernaut over the next two years.  Alex and Maxine were subsumed into the Luciferian Order of the Process Church at the rank of Priest and Priestess, while Sharon, like Marianne Faithfull, was accepted as an Acolyte.  
“She was a life-force, a woman so powerful, so full of strength and determination, that men came to lean on her … she warned me never to interrupt her when she was working on a spell.” 
An abundant source of free sex and drugs for The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger later stated in a 1985 Rolling Stone interview, that Pallenberg "nearly killed me" with her promotion of both.  Anita often cheated on her boyfriend, Richards, with other members of the band; including Mick Jagger and his girlfriend, singer Marianne Faithfull. She convinced Marianne to join the Process Church and, after completing the initiation ritual, the sexy Acolyte witch proudly appeared as the centerfold in a 1967 issue of the Process magazine; posing as a corpse clutching a single rose.  Anita and Marianne, who now allegedly belong to a London coven, remained lifelong friends.  In 2001, Anita and Marianne appeared in the BBC-TV comedyAbsolutely Fabulous.  Anita played the Devil.
Born on 24 January 1943 (one year and one day before Anita Pallenberg, actress Sharon Tate allegedly served the Process Church as a valuable pawn.

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