Sunday, August 31, 2014

The California drought: they are purposely DRAINING the lakes...

Readers comment:

A couple of thoughts. 1) in 2010, I visited Three Rivers, CA a few times. The rain was very heavy in 2010. Lake Kaweah was filled higher than any of its bathtub rims. A few months later, I went back. It was back to the low level. I'm convinced they drained it.
I don't know about Central California, but it never rains in Southern California anyway. And California always had a lot of chemtrails. I always thought California largely depends on other states for their water supply anyway because it's pretty much a dry, arid state. Just like arid desert areas in Egypt can now have huge fertile farms in their deserts because of modern farming methods and imported water supplies.

Am I missing something here? Maybe they're just purposely cutting off their own water supply to the people to drive up prices?
Not only the weather manipulation, but they're DRAINING Nacimiento and San Antonio Lakes for years, and blaming the "drought"."


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