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Benedicto abdicato tu Pietrus Romanus

Benedicto abdicato tu Pietrus Romanus

by Don Bradley 2-11-13

“All things must be fulfilled...” Luke 24:44”

"Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end."

So, Benedict resigns in 2013 (the real year the cloak of darkness covers the land) to make way for the false-prophet of the Beast: Peter the Roman.

Malachy had 111 real popes in his prophecy. His papers and writings state that these would be truly elected by the college and be real representatives of the Catholic church. There was no 112th pope. This was added several hundred years later by parties unknown and is now commonly accepted. This he did in 1139.

As it happens, his lineage is exactly what has happened without fail. He also stated that after the Glory of the Olives—Benedict—the false-prophet would arise which would lead the church not only to ruin, but take the world with it as well. In this regard, he was wholly accurate.

For the protecting angel of the church will now stand up, spiritually speaking. This means that its covering protection, as a design of prophecy and its place in world destiny as a feature on the landscape of time has been removed. This then allows for a 112th pope, a false pope, commonly regarded as Pietrus Romanus or Peter the Roman.

Malachy never wrote about an 112th pope. Benedict was the last, according to the vision accorded him. The “Peter” addition is wholly a satanic issue, to mislead the masses into trusting this issue of the beast. Peter will lead the 1 billion catholics into accepting the anti-Christ as the returned Messiah and the rest of Christendom as well. He will introduce every edict in opposition to the laws of God and as such, many will take those steps to spiritual failure that otherwise, they might not have.

His greatest purpose is to proclaim The Beast as Christ. It's why they added him in, hundreds of years later. To give this false-prophet some credibility. Benedict was the last of the so-called legitimate popes. Peter will come as a pied piper of the destruction of the soul. The many tribulations spoken of are the ones HE WILL CREATE. But by adding this to Malachy's vision, it is made to appear as if he is just a guardian of the faithful while ugly things about around them. He will be the co-author of this ugly destiny.

When Benedict was elected pope, there was a solar eclipse. I know, I followed the whole thing very closely at the time. In the deeper dimensions of reality, the sun is the source of Divine power in any solar system or galaxy, providing all as a source of life for creation and existence. An eclipse is an opposition to this Glory. When a great leader or soul is born on a solar eclipse, it means his soul stands with darkness and the fallen. This is how it is, regardless of whether you understand or believe. You may not understand gravity or the 2nd law of thermodynamics, but it is how IT IS, regardless. Belief has nothing to do with reality. In fact and very often, they usually stand dynamically opposed to one another.

Watch for the occult signatures around Peter's election. They will be there. He is known to me. I've seen his face and they were already getting him ready for this task and purpose. Darth Vader (Benedict) chose abdication rather than sacrifice for Peter's ascension.

End of Part One

As it was, it will be. It will be as it was.

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