Friday, February 8, 2013

It's a spiritual battle, afterall...

When they come at you with DOUBT and/or GUILT, then you know you are dealing with Dark Forces. It's the only weapons on an energetic level they have. And they will use them on key dates, new moons, full moons, etc. They carefully choose these well-crafted weapons of destruction for a singular purpose. TO DESTROY YOUR SOUL.

So, be careful out there. If you are a light unto yourself, your family, and those people you come across that may not understand that light, these very same people will be used against you later as attack vectors to take you down. Even if just a little bit.

I've had decades of this nonsense and it is really unending. They come at you with smiles and want to help, as you are helping them. But when you cannot or will not be the purposeful stooge of their own ambitions, they turn and rend you any way possible. This happens. Often.

The satanic network truly hates the light. They do. They will pretend to be your new best friend. They will work themselves deep into your world. They will set you up and then betray every confidence, act of kindness, and love you ever show them. They will lie to you and often, will and do wait years to unleash their storm of bitter hatred at what you are and are becoming.

Learn from the experience. Call it out. Remember to keep your sense of humor. Because as long as you draw a breath, they will come and do these very ugly things.

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