Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why all the Sandy Hoax revelations

the reason for the intended release of staged footage to be "caught" by observant souls is to get hate crime legislation passed on anything TRUTH or FACTUAL CONSPIRACY. That way, they get the guns, the truth, and 1st amendment in one fell swoop. It's a mega-ritual with mega goals.

They want the people to react, get angry and expose the conspiracy with verbal attacks to those part of the hoax. This way they can legislate the truth movement right into prison.

They get it all. No 1st amendment, no 2nd amendment, etc. These are the last two amendments to be taken down since 911. And they need it done now, in 2013.

They want and need and must have, a total active and destructive police ala East German Stasi of old. They need it here, so the USA can crumble into ashes on every level: economic, social, militarily, legislative, etc.

Above all they want chaos and blood. Notice how everyone's work schedule is all chaos and the hours change all mixed up each week. Same with school schedules et al. The more chaos the better so that when they offer ORDER, it will be seen as a welcome relief. They create the circumstance and then offer the solution.

The solution is Princess Billy and a Vatican approved satanic global religion. You can't see it now, but that's what's down the road and around a few corners. To get there, they need stuff like this going on in every FREE country so that the freedoms vanish in the name of safety and security.

Leaving only slaves and the network vetted elite with any kind of freedom. But even those will have their lives surveilled so that they stay "loyal and faithful" and don't go off the reservation.

For the rest of us. It's death or re-education in a slave labor camp as they did in Soviet and Nazi labor camps. Sawdust and poisoned water for food, 18 hour days, and blessed death as a release from the hell awaiting those either unwilling or unable to comply with all the soulless activities of those in the dark side: murder, abuse, hatred, mind control, and obedience to thoughtless thugs with authority who only excel at being cruel and ruthless.

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