Wednesday, February 20, 2013

They are training on shooting pregnant women in the head

A provider of “realistic” shooting targets to the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies has created a line of “non-traditional threat” targets that include pregnant women, mothers in playgrounds and elderly American gun owners. They and police agencies are and have ordered MILLIONS of these real-to-life targets.

And look at what they are training on. Little boys, pregnant women, grandmothers, women....

Not even the SS or the KGB was this fucked up.

Turns out the company, LTC Inc, sells 5.5 million dollars of these a year and that LAW ENFORCEMENT SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR THESE KINDS OF TARGETS. 

Children...mothers...pregnant women...little girls...this just blows the mind.

It's all about conditioning the gunsels so they can shoot up families without hesitation. In fact, the product line is called


Welcome to Amerika, comrades.

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