Friday, October 10, 2014

Millions of FEMA coffins to be used at "hermetically sealed body storage" as mandated by the CDC for ebola deaths

Millions of FEMA coffins in dozens of mass open-air storage facilities

In the late 1990s, it was discovered and heavily photographed and filmed that FEMA was stockpiling millions of hermtically sealed coffins in various places around the southern US. No explanation, just there. Okay.

Now, it turns out that the CDC is demanding all ebola deaths be handled by  "hermetically sealed body storage" which, as it happens, is what these turn out to be. They say.

In point of fact, the predictive programming for Ebola starting showing up in the media around that time - 15 years ago, wow! - and has periodically been revived from time to time, lest we forget our conditioning.  At least that is what the demonstrable evidence shows as research has proven on this site and others.

Then we have all those concentration camps and unused prison facilities sitting around and still being built. Are these for the accused of exposure to Ebola, or is that just the cover story for a great culling of free thinkers and individuals who practice critical thinking skills and who refuse to kiss the Satanic butt as so very many others do without hesitation?

Is Ebola the weapon superb for the Martial Law they have been pining for since the 1980s? Or is it, like last year's eviction of 4 million souls from the national parks in 2013, as test run or dry run, prior to something much uglier? For that answer we must wait and see. For a great many level escalations have to pass and come into play for such things to be.


An executive order mandating total USA compliance to a deadly binary weapon known as an Ebola Vaccine.
A few heavily publicized events that scare the people into taking the needle into their arms, thereby sealing their collective fate.
We also need to see refuseniks getting wasted and hauled off into no access area camps, never to be heard from again. That should get the herd in line.
They need to make the vaccine mandatory for drivers licenses and school attendance, in any EO law.

Doing the above, makes things rather obvious.

we must wait and see. We must push fear out, stay aware and educated and do our own thinking. We must avoid the paid shills and liars in the MSM so we can get to the truth.

And we must be patient.


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