Thursday, October 2, 2014

Prior to the first nuclear explosion at Alamogordo, New Mexico on July 16, 1945, the dietary intake of radiocesium was ZERO

Naturally Occurring Radionuclides:
Isotope NameHalf-lifePrinciple Decay ModeMaximum EnergyProduct of:
Radium-2261599.0 yalpha4.78450 MevNatural Source 238U decay scheme
Radon-2223.82351 dalpha5.48966 MevSame
Polonium-210138.3763 dalpha5.30451 Mevdaughter 210Bi in radium decay scheme
Artificially Produced Radionuclides which also exist Naturally*:
Tritium12.346 ybeta0.018610 Mev6Li
Carbon-145730 ybeta0.155 Mev14N
Krypton-8510.701 ybeta0.672 Mev84Kr
Artificial Radionuclides Produced by the Fission Process:
Strontium-8950.55 dbeta1.488 Mev88Sr 
Strontium-9028.82 ybeta0.546 Mevfission
Iodine-129157 x 107 ybeta0.150 Mevfission
Iodine-1318.040 dbeta0.6065 Mevfission
Cesium-1342.062 ybeta1.454 Mev133Cs
Cesium-13730.174 ybeta0.51163 Mevfission
Transuranic Nuclides Produced by the Fission Process:
Neptunium-2372.14 x 106 yalpha4.2 Mev241Am
Plutonium-23887.71 yalpha5.49921 Mev238Np
Plutonium-2392.4131 X 104 yalpha5.1554 Mev235mU
Plutonium-24114.355 yalpha5.17 MevMultiple n-capture from 238U, 239Pu
Americium-241432.0 yalpha5.48574 Mev241Pu
Curium-242162.76 dalpha6.1129 Mevsame as 241Pu
Curium-24418.099 yalpha5.80496 Mevsame as 241Pu

Other Important Fission Products Include:
Molybdemum-9967 hrbeta1.23 Mev
Technetium-992.12 x 105 ybeta0.292 Mev
Ruthenium-10339.8 dbeta0.70 Mev
Ruthenium-1061 ybeta0.039 Mev
Silver-110m252 dgamma0.74 Mev
Tellurium-132 78 hr.beta0.22 Mev
Barium-14012.8 dbeta1.02 Mev
Cerium-144290 dbeta0.31 Mev
Europium-1548.2 ybeta0.70 Mev

Important Activation Products Include:
Nickel-63 100 ybeta0.067 Mev
Nickel-5976,000 yelectron capture1.06 Mev
Cobalt-580.194 ye.c. and gamma0.474 Mev
Cobalt-605.2719 ybeta0.31788 Mev
Iron-552.68 ye.c.

Manganese-540.855 ygamma0.835 Mev
Niobium-9535 dbeta0.160 Mev
Zirconium-950.175 ygamma0.396 Mev

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