Thursday, February 16, 2012

A case in point

This afternoon I was picking up Matt from school. The road in the parking lot I stopped in had more than enough room for two lanes of cars, plus open spaces all around. A woman pulled up in her car directing in front of me while Matt was getting out. She was shaking her fist, yelling, giving me those wonderful gestures we all know so well.

It only takes Matt a few seconds to get out.

So, she pulls up, rolls her window down and makes slapping gestures with her hands screaming, "Slap Him! Hit him more often!" Flips me off, then takes off.

I tell you this so you understand that this happens to us every single day of our lives. These kind of verbal/physical assaults are very common to us.

I've never seen or heard anything like it in my life. Ever.

I've experienced this my whole life and it has only become worse, now that the devils feel this is their time on Earth to do what they will.

If I wrote about each incidence, every year would fill a small book. Some of it is quite shocking and horrific. Most of it is just vile and insane - the ravings, blurtings, and unloading of stunted souls.

Imagine if this was your daily life. Imagine your children going through this every day of their lives since they were small, with no end in sight?

This is our daily bread.

We eat this constantly.

And this is the Satanic network, revealing the spritual nature and caliber of what is truly inside themselves. Black holes reaching out for the darkness, hating any light.

Any light. At all. Ever.

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