Thursday, February 16, 2012

Remote slapping down by the network

Gosh, let's see...Reddit shut us down, Google adsense was turned off and they kept all the earnings, Ebay denied us an account, Youtube disabled monetization this morning, making sure the near 1 million views and viewers never earn revenue for the family.

Only Amazon, which never does anything but give them free face time on our blogs remains.

All in the same week. Within days of each other. That kind of timing is no accident, it's a coordinated attack and plan, set in motion.

See, the word went out. Cut him off, shut him down. Hurt him in the wallet. Make the non-believer in Satan pay for his relationship with Divinity from On High.

And, very often, that's the price for truth and following your heart. When it becomes real and sincere, the Beast System then makes you an enemy to be destroyed.

I once had an LAPD police sergeant tell me to my face, "you are in our 'book" and we'll get you one day."

To my face...

And how did I ever get in their book to have the largest police force in the United States determine I was bad guy number one? In 2005, the LA sheriffs said the same thing.

I spoke, wrote, and discussed the truth of our times. I raised my family with love and sought to be a good man at all times. I dropped all the facades and masks that were holding me back, keeping me down. I decided it was simply better to be direct and honest.

But all that has a continuing price. To this day. As the network constantly reminds me with each lash from the whip.

So thanks boys, for the beatings. All I can say is...get in line. I've been going through this since I was a child, so it's nothing new.


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  1. I did figure out how to remove the Google AdNonSense from my Blogspot. I had a few bucks in there, which I never got a penny of. The Chitika acct. is still intact as far as I can tell.

    I wish I had saved the AdNonSense email they sent me saying they were deactivating it. Because I would post the entire email for all to see. But I was like pfft, and deleted the email instead.

    Amazon does so-so, which I hyperlink as much as I can.


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