Thursday, February 16, 2012

Attending church

God is not found in a building made with human hands: 3 places in the New Testament.

The building is where you go to get organized--usually controlled by satanists--religion. Most of the mega rich churches are CIA fronts. In fact, the National Council of Churches was a front created by the CIA and funded by Rockefeller money.

Think about it.

If the Bible says God is not found in a building made with human hands, then Dad means it. He doesn't mean go and get seminary programming from some closet satanist with an agenda. He means to make a personal connection with him. That's what it's all about, regardless of race, creed, or country. Just make a connection with Him; put Him in your heart. Any man that needs or relies upon some "vetted" priest to tell him about God has no relationship of his own.

Get it. No one can give it to you. It's something you do yourself and costs NO MONEY. It doesn't require you to show up at a building dressed like Pat Boone or Debbie Reynolds. That's just group-think and conditioning, some two thousand years worth.

It's between you and Him. It's private. A personal thing and labels or languages mean nothing, save for the sincerity in your heart.

Get ye to it.

Our favorite church

Another church we attend from time to time

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