Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A few years back, when the network started coming out of their closet.

A few years back, when the network started signalling to all the other hybrid nephillim that they were "coming out" this movie was part of that massive subliminal conditioning project.

It serves and served two purposes:

1. To condition the unobservant that slit eyes was common and to take it in stride.

2. To the devils. They were coming out in every way, including their Satanic heritage. Simone as just the beginning.

Now, it's in rock videos, magazine print ads, you name it.

Because with Billy Boy turning 30 this year, they feel that nothing can stop them. And, for a time, it will seem that way.

For seven years.

Then it's all over. It stops. They stop. And so does Earth.

And according to the Satanic credo that's in all their grimoires, book of shadows, wiccan law, Crowley's Book of the Law, etc, etc, their only "law" is

Do what you want.

a scene from SIMONE, a few minutes into the movie


  1. No one would be more glad than me, than to be off this hellish planet. Robert and I both have said that we don't want to be here anymore. We're beyond disgusted with everything.

  2. Please don't give up hope Donna. Though times are difficult, and unfortunately are going to get much worse for awhile (more than honestly I can probably imagine), there is still much hope and beauty on our planet.

    In the many years I've read Don's blogs, I've often focused much on his writings regarding evil, which I am very much thankful for because I have least have some knowledge(though not all) of what is going on Earth. But of course, it can be very depressing and sad knowing the horror of our planet.

    But you want to know the posts I've neglected? The pictures. Just now, I'm realizing how foolish this is.

    Though I can't speak for Don, I believe the point of these pictures are to highlight the beauty within our world. But more importantly, this beauty is to remind us of the good truth on our planet. The fact that we are all loved, all have a purpose, and all are blessed. Just as there is much horror on our planet, there is so much love to be found!

    I know your family, Don's family, and others are experiencing incredible hate and backlash from the beast network because you are ascending higher on the path towards love.

    But understand it's because of you guys spreading the truth, that someone like me who isn't as far on the path as you can start to learn and become a better person.

    And the point of me learning to be a better person? Is to help others in return! So THANK YOU!

    Remember, even the droids (like me a lot of the time unfortunately) stuck in their worlds of gossip, facebook, etc. deep down have good hearts just waiting to be awaken. That in itself reveals the amount of beauty that is on this planet.

    We're all going to work together, as a team, through the hard times! WE CAN DO IT!!


  3. There is plenty loving beauty abouts, just have to want it.

  4. Thanks Christine. The pictures he posts are my favorite posts, after all.

    I have many pictures too, which I've only posted a few here and there. If anyone want to see them, I could post more of them. Not of me, but of phenom, scenery, other people, etc...

  5. we are here to learn, grow and love. No getting off this planet until that is attained. Might as well make the best of it and do the best one can every day.

    But with HONESTY AND SINCERITY. Facades fool only the foolish and deluded.


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