Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mirror sites

I am in the process of creating mirror sites of this and the other blogs for safety reasons. Usually, they let me go along for awhile, then shut the site down, or block me from posting from any computer. Once I try to log in, I get in some coded endless loop of silliness.

As what happened on the previous four blogs.

So, if you see little mirror links appearing on the link section, that's the site which has the same info, updated weekly.

I have two new mirrors up: one for this blog and for the surfing thingy. I'll get around to doing the health blog too.

So, if the day comes (and it will, because it always does), be prepared and pre-favorite the mirror. In the past, I didn't bother with mirror sites and and all those years from 1995 on were lost. (and please don't send me emails about way back sites and all that. At best they have fragmented info and the network has deleted all the real meat and potatos. )

I'll do what I can to keep things posted. Until I run out of blog sites to work on. And no, i don't have the web site traffic money to run my own or to admin one. So, if the days come as they must that you see no new posts, then that is what has happened. They may leave the site up for awhile, to pretend to pretend that all is normal and they've done nothing amiss, but on our end, we are locked out. This has happened so many times and recently too. the MYBLOGSITE blather blog was locked out by the network on 1-1-12.

Happy New Year

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