Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Smart Chips in electronics...forcing you to purchase new laptops, printers, cell phones, et al

A few years ago, I had a Motorola flip phone. It worked great, took great pics, etc. Then, all of a sudden, it started eating batteries, making them drain with just one phone call. So, I bought more batteries - three in all - and they all did the same thing, drained in one phone call.

I went to ATT and asked the guy what was happening.

"Your phone is over two years old."

So you are saying that when a cell phone gets to a certain point in time after activation, it starts to malfunction?

"That's Motorola for you."


But, I had known for years, as a Computer Engineer, that they put what I call "death chips" into products that kill them after either

so many power ups,
so many calls,
a certain amount of time,
so many print cycles,

Since around 2002, all electronic products - even your blender if it has digital circuitry - will only work for a given period of time and then WILL STOP WORKING, EVEN IF NOTHING IS WRONG WITH IT!

This is the age we live in.

This forces everyone to get the latest thing. Which isn't so much about money, but about forcing the population into the latest era "smart" products which are constantly tracked and monitored at all times.

That's the real reason. Control.


  1. This recently happened to my Cannon printer cartridge, fully functional and then it was suddenly "out of ink".... no gradual slowing or fading of colors. Meh!

  2. There are software patches out there by coders who make them and put them online to reset your death chip. You have to dig a little to get to them, because Google and the like tend to bury links like that on page 112. But, they are out there. check youtube also.

  3. What search term do we put exactly?

    I'm just so distructing of sites anymore, so it would be hard to determine a geniune one, or just another malware attack. Even with virus/malware protection in place, doesn't totally protect, although they do fairly well.

    I'll look for computer one, but if I don't find anything to my satisfaction, I'll let you know.


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