Thursday, February 2, 2012

Smart Meter Update

Late in December, and without any consultation to anyone living here, Edison Electric installed a so-called smart meter in the units here.

Our utility rates doubled.

They went up over 105% over December, when the boys were out of school for winter break. But, in early January, they were no longer home all day, but at school. The rates should have went down, because no one is here all day. Instead, the bill doubled.

We weren't using any more electricity than we usually do, same old, same old. But our bill doubled. I'm sure our neighbors are experiencing the same thing.

So, this is the real truth about smart meters. New and interesting ways to charge you for power and when you use it, with special new tier rates geared to stealing money from the pockets of the people.

Are we the only ones going through this?

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