Monday, February 13, 2012

They took away more food today

With all the sites and Youtube, adsense, only activated for ONE MONTH, was already earning 600 a month, average.

We were thrilled, because it meant at least a way to get food on the table, considering every job me and my sons apply for is a CLOSED DOOR. ALWAYS. And when we do get work, it's day labor stuff.

Day Labor...

Day labor means slave wages. Not enough to pay for anything but the gas and food for the day to do the job. See? Slavery is still very much alive in the USA. Especially here southern California.

Every day, i get several malware attacks, by going to mainstream sites. When my IP shows up somewhere, it's attack city.

This is what hapens to freejacks that refuse the Beast System, as we have.

My son Nathan is a 4.3 GPA and has had straight As from grade 7 onward, five years ongoing. He's a junior now, but not a single university wants him, talks to him, or considers him. Nathan was composing music at age 8. Was solving MIT and Caltech physics problems at age 10, and every year takes any birthday or xmas money he gets and buys chemistry and physics books at the highest level. For giggles, he sits and solves complex master's level physics problems and proves them in under five minutes.


He's been doing that for 6 years. (He's also the most courageous person I've ever met and is the best surfer in the family - he could go pro)

BUt as far as his school system is concerned, he doesn't exist. i haven't talked about it, because it sounds like all bragging and ego and really, it's his business, not the world's. I'm just pointing out how at every turn, we are blocked. Stopped. Made non-persons.

All we are is marks to be played and stepped on and it has been that way for years.

Day in and day out, we literally pool together our pocket change for food. Gas. Anything... When a donation comes in at the last minute, it means the lights get paid, or the rent, or gas. Many times, that doesn't happen. On birthdays, gifts aren't given because there is no money for that kind of thing. We buy stuff used and second hand, mostly. My son Matt had only two pairs of pants he has been wearing for the last 3 years and the seats are all out in them. Only in recently we were able to buy him another pair. Thirty dollars is a lot of money when you only have 3 in your pocket.

...Between October and Late December, both Matt and I went on fasts totalling 5 weeks plus, only because there wasn't enough food for everyone, so he and I made the sacrifice to not eat, so the others could. We felt the younger ones needed food more, and we simply didn't have enough money to feed us all. I was so amazed at Matt's love to do this - he's only 18 and to go on long fasts to make the food stretch farther. I never even heard of something like that, except in books, and here was my son, not eating so others might. This is what we do to get by, most of the time.

All our surf stuff was bought at yard sales or second hand shops.

Except for the food. (smile)

This is the life of our family. And, after the videos and stuff put up recently, the network bitch slapped us yet again for just doing what we do. But, they are punishing my kids for my activities. But, with evil, that's how they roll. Get them all, hurt them all. Always.

My sons sleep 3 in a room on a floor in sleeping bags. Have for years. Because we cannot afford anything larger than a shitbox for a apartment. Just like in a 3rd world country.

But still, we sing, we play, we smile, we LOVE.


And, it's all we've been left with. Our joy, love, and each other. It's all we have.

Or ever will have.

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