Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TV Commercials in our time

Have you noticed? How violence of women towards men is not only condoned in TV ads, but done with an air of it's cool and proper to be physically abusive to the point of serious and violent injury?

So the programming meme of our time is matriarchal over patriarchal, and violently so.

And I'm waiting to hear or read anything about this on any of the other, alternative (so-called) news blogs anywhere. No one is saying anything, silently condoning this tragedy.

First. It is wrong to be violent towards anyone, for any reason, no matter the cause. Ever. For television and network "programmers" to put this out there reveals how black their souls truly have become.

Second. Since when has violence solved anything, except to make for more violence. Stop it.

Third. If you are a network stooge that is part of this horrible conditioning thing, know this. It will all come back to you in the worst possible way. That's a fact.

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